Teleprompters were originally invented in order for newscasters to make an even more intimate connection with their viewers. After all, the teleprompter allows someone delivering news to stare directly into the camera with fewer interruptions, which tricks the human viewer into thinking that they are on friendly terms with the newscaster. It not only prevents the newsperson from looking down at the papers in their hand, but also means that it isn’t as important if the papers get out of order or dropped to the floor. Oh, and it also stops the amount of paper rustling that is picked up by the microphones.

Today, teleprompters are used in a myriad of situations. Yes, newscasters still use them, but they can be used by an actor making a pre-recorded speech for a telecast or by a business owner making a video for employees. HR videos, such as training and sexual harassment videos, also use teleprompters in order to speak directly to the viewer and streamline the process.

How Does A Teleprompter Work?

A teleprompter isn’t a camera; it’s put in front of the camera. A one-way mirror is put in front of the camera lens at a 45-degree angle, and the camera shoots through it. Meanwhile, a screen with the text to be read (upside down and backward text, to be exact) is placed below the mirror. The person in front of the camera is now able to read the text and stare directly into the camera.

The teleprompters you’ll see most camera crews in New York using tend to be made of four parts: the two-way mirror, the tablet or laptop that contains the text, a hood to block out the light so that the two-way mirror will work correctly, and the rig that attaches to the tripod to hold all of these items.

What Are The Advantages of Using A Teleprompter?

Teleprompters are a great tool used in video production. Here’s how they can help.

  • Using a teleprompter allows for more eye contact with the camera, which translates to increased trust in the viewer.
  • Teleprompters prevent the need for memorizing long scripts.
  • Because a person doesn’t have to memorize the script, they never get that panicked “what my next line?” expression on their face.
  • A person who tries to memorize a script can get two sentences in and then have to restart…only to have to restart after the first couple of sentences. A teleprompter can streamline the day and make a video shoot take a lot less time.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using A Teleprompter?

The advantages of using a teleprompter far outweigh the negatives, but there are a couple of things to consider.

  • Teleprompters take time to set up. If the script the person is reading is only a couple of lines long, memorizing them might be more efficient.
  • Some people who are reading from a teleprompter can feel stiff because they’re so intent on reading every word perfectly. Having them know the script ahead of time can make them more comfortable because they have a better idea of what’s coming.
  • Most people have seen videos of people using teleprompters where the eyes dart back and forth as they read the words. While it is indeed annoying, this can be severely lessened with a camera further back and a larger teleprompting screen.

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