Driven by a passion for engaging and creative filmmaking, the Crew 1 TV team is committed to ensuring exceptional quality through every step of every production we take on. We’ve become known for our award-winning approach to video production, and have helped many entertainment companies, advertising agencies, celebrities, educational facilities and corporate entities experience a rare level of personalized service and artistic craftsmanship.

Equipped with a vast arsenal of cutting-edge videography equipment and innovative editing software options, we are able to create exceptional visual experiences utilizing multiple cameras. We handle every aspect of the shoot, from the hiring of production personnel to gear shipment, placement and scene shooting, in whatever location you prefer.

Backed by a quarter-century of production experience, our crews rank as some of the best in multi-camera production services. Combining every aspect of the project into one streamlined and hassle-free operation, we strive to deliver an exceptional product, without exception.

From live interviews to scripted commercials, we continue to work to protect our untarnished reputation while casting you, your team or your company in the best possible light.

For creative and effective multi-camera production services that are structured to exceed even your highest expectations, contact Crew 1 TV for a production needs assessment and quote today.

Crew 1 TV — Producing Excellence.