To the average video production company, it is enough to say “have camera, will travel.” But for us, the camera is just the tip of the production iceberg. Specializing in full-service, on-location production services, we bring all the personnel, equipment, hardware, and accessories needed to deliver the level of production you deserve.

Using our network of industry professionals from across the nation, we are able to provide our turn-key, end-to-end production solutions without the delays or hassles that hinder many production companies. We’ve designed a process that eliminates the logistical nightmares of on-location shoots, utilizing creativity, flexibility and ingenuity to drive incredible results for our clients.

From on-site celebrity interviews to full-scale music videos and high-quality commercials, we have the skills, knowledge, technical prowess and expert personnel to guarantee stunning results.

Discover the magic that happens when passion combines with expertise and get started on your next video project now. Crew 1 TV — producing excellence since 1999.