Some video projects are relatively simple: you shoot the footage, physically take the drives back to a video editing suite, and start editing in a relatively short amount of time.

Some footage, on the other hand, can’t wait. Footage that’s being shown live or that has to get back for editing immediately will often require the use of production vehicles with a satellite uplink. Uplink vehicles, often called satellite trucks, can offer:

  • Live Feeds – News stations will often use uplink vehicles so that they can broadcast live from a special event, accident, or weather anomaly.
  • Faster Data Transfers – While most of us in NYC are spoiled by fast internet connections, that’s not the case everywhere. If a video is being shot in a remote location, using a 5mbps upload to get footage back to the editing suite just isn’t a very good option. Satellite trucks give a faster — and more reliable — upload from a faraway location.
  • Only Data Transfer – Sometimes a location is so remote that there is no other way than using a satellite in order to transfer video data. Transferring the data by satellite also ensures that there is no problem taking the video across country borders.

What Makes Uplink Videos So Special?

You might wonder what makes a satellite truck so special. Here are the three primary reasons why they’re such amazing specialty video equipment.


Satellite phones can connect from anywhere that has line-of-sight with the necessary satellite. This means that there’s never any need to seek out a connection, because you always have one with you.

You might wonder why this connection is so important; after all, you can get videos on your phone with just a cell network. But it’s important to remember that cell phone videos are highly compressed, while raw video footage contains hundreds of times more information. Cell phone connections, and even many internet connections, just can’t transfer the footage back to a studio fast enough.


Most of us don’t use any power from a car other than to charge a phone with the 12v. Uplink trucks, on the other hand, have to have specialty power units in order to power the satellite and any other equipment that might be in the truck. These specialty trucks will have more powerful alternators and AC converters so that they can power electronic equipment.


While grip trucks filled with cameras and lighting equipment will often accompany satellite trucks, the satellite truck itself may be filled with editing equipment. This means that it’s not just a capture device, and it’s not just a transmission device…it can also be an editing suite right in the field.

Does Your Next NYC Video Production Need a Satellite Truck?

While you might not necessarily need a satellite truck in the middle of New York City — and might not have line-of-site to a passing satellite anyway — we have these amazing vehicles ready to use if your shoot heads out of the city and into areas without fast and reliable internet. Contact us today to learn more about what uplink trucks can do for you.