One of the most interesting things about working as a film production company in New York is the varied timeframes we have to work with. With some videos, we might shoot for days and then take weeks to edit. But for other projects — such as our webcasting services — the project is out the door as it’s happening.

Webcasting is much like live TV, in that the goal is to make the event look as polished as possible even though it’s happening right now. That means being able to switch cameras, balance audio, put in special effects and banners, and uploading all of that as the event is occurring. While it might not be as polished as a blockbuster Hollywood movie, the thrill of broadcasting it live to people all over the world makes the process of webcasting even more exciting.

It All Comes Down To Proper Planning

While there isn’t usually much post-production with a webcasting service, the pre-production is as in-depth as for a very complex video shoot. After all, the event you’re shooting is only happening once, so to miss it would be disastrous. No matter if it’s a concert or a simple interview, you don’t want to keep your talent waiting just because something wasn’t addressed during the week before they arrived. With webcasting, planning has to involve:

Meeting With You

We want to make sure that you get the webcasting services you desire. We’ll talk with you about the location of your shoot, who will be involved, how many people are expected to be there, and if there will need to be a delay (if you’re worried about foul language or streakers). We’ll talk about budget, of course, including what supplemental services you might consider adding in order to make the webcast the most it can be.

Venue Review

The director and/or producer will review the venue to get a good idea of the best place to set up the flight packs and to find the best location for the director to be on the day of the shoot. Sometimes we’ll arrive and the space is a blank canvas, allowing us to set up wherever we need. Other times the space might seem impossible to work with, which is where our decades of experience in NYC video production really help.

Video, Sound, and Lighting Needs

Seeing the video will help us determine what kind of equipment to bring. Auditoriums might have lighting and sound that we can patch into, but public parks usually don’t. We know what it takes to get the performers looking good for your webcast.

Camera and Platform Placement

In most cases, we’ll need to get the cameras up on platforms in order to see over the crowd. Thankfully the cameras we use can capture footage from a great distance and still provide an excellent image, but it’s still important to have them in the right place for the video at hand.

Reviewing the Traffic

If you’re doing a webcasting event of a CEO addressing satellite offices around the globe, audience traffic isn’t something that needs to be worried about. But at a live event, it’s very important to think ahead to how the flow of the audience might affect the shoot.

The “Extras”

Because we’ve worked in NYC video production for so long, we can offer extras that many people wouldn’t think of. That’s because most of our clients are just happy to be able to webcast at all, and they’re not thinking about ways to make the event a real event. We can offer Steadicam services to keep the movement of the video lively, or use special effects to make it pop. The important thing is to plan for all of these extras ahead of time.

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