When it comes to making a video, no part of its creation is more misunderstood or underappreciated than the edit. There might be dozens of people involved with a video shoot, or thousands of people at a concert, but a video edit often involves just a few people. A shoot could last a day, a concert could last an hour, but the edit could take weeks of 10-hour days to finish.

While video editing takes place behind the scenes, it’s an incredibly important part of video production services. You can have the best footage in the world, but if it’s not edited properly then no one is going to want to watch it. Here’s how a professional video editing suite fits into NYC video production.

Video Editing Suites in NYC

Whether you need us to do the editing as part of your video production services or you need to bring in your own editor to utilize our state-of-the-art equipment, we’ve got some of the best video editing suites in NYC.

The Footage

Before the video files even get to the editing suite, you need to make sure you’re getting high-quality footage. That’s why it’s important to hire a video production agency in New York that can shoot it all and get the clean footage needed to make a top-tier video.

The Software

Non-linear video editing has been around for decades, but it keeps getting better and better. Software of today can do more than ever, offering graphics that are on par with any Hollywood production. We make sure to keep our video editing suites loaded with the latest and greatest software…and we know how to use it!

The Sound

Sound is a vital part of video production, and much more important than most people realize. Poor sound is simply distracting and something that most viewers aren’t willing to accept. Our editing suites make sure that the sound mix is just right.


No matter where a video ends up being broadcast or how much it will end up being compressed, it still needs to look good in its original form. Properly calibrated video monitors are important to ensure that the colors are correct, especially when it comes to skin tones.

The Editor

The editor themselves might be the most important part of the puzzle. Video editors go through extensive training in order to make the video into something that others will want to watch. Yes, they have to have technical knowledge in order to edit the video, but video editors have to have a feel for the video that only experience can provide. When 1/24 or 1/30 of a second can be the difference between whether something works or not, you want to be working with the right person in the editing suite.

Imagine a kitchen filled with food, one good cook, and one bad cook. While they might both have the same ingredients, you’re going to get two very different meals. Video editing is kind of like cooking, because the same footage can produce two very different results. Good footage can lead to a horrible video if you don’t have the right editor working with it.

Of course, the editor isn’t the only person who’s going to be working in the editing suite. The director will also be involved, helping the editor form the video according to their own vision and the client’s vision.

Do You Need Video Suites In NYC?

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