If you’re shooting a traditional “talking head” corporate video, teleprompters can help immensely. Having the script on a teleprompter can make a video production in NYC go much more smoothly than it otherwise would. How can using a teleprompter help?

Teleprompters Take The Pressure Off

The more a person has to memorize, the less attention they can give to other details of their performance. So if you take away their need to memorize a script, you’re freeing up their mind so that they can hit their mark, make hand gestures, or try to make an empathic connection between themselves and the person watching the video. 

Teleprompters Can Speed Things Up

Getting the words of a script wrong in a corporate video can ruin a shot over and over again. That can waste a lot of time on set, which means lost money as well. Teleprompters can make sure that the person on screen is less likely to mess up their line, and we might even get to wrap early!

Teleprompters Can Be Changed On The Fly

Sometimes a script is perfect, while other times it could use a bit of help on the set. If words on the teleprompter are found to be in error, or if a more natural way of saying a sentence is found, text can be changed without the person on screen having to memorize new words in a short amount of time. 

Teleprompters Take Skill

Using teleprompters takes skill on both sides of the camera. The person running the camera has to get the setup just right so that text is legible and can be seen from the right distance. The teleprompter tech needs to know just how quickly the teleprompter text should scroll and whether to speed up or slow down for the reader. 

Do You Need A Teleprompter With Your Video Crew?

If you need teleprompter services, we can help with the latest gear and the most skilled operators. Contact Crew 1 TV to find out what we can do for you!