When a client calls us for a video shoot, we’re ready to roll. With our grip trucks and flight packs, we can be anywhere we’re needed in a very short amount of time. Our video production crews have made videos in the heart of NYC and all around the world. There are big advantages to shooting out in “the wild,” whether it’s the concrete jungle or the real one. When a shoot is outside, you get natural backgrounds, mood-creating ambient sound, and the thrill of an unpredictable environment.

But shooting outdoors can also be a curse. There are the sounds you can’t control, the lighting that keeps changing as clouds blow across the sun, and the chance that people in the background will ruin your shot. And don’t even get us started on the weather! That’s why it’s so important to have a place you can go to you if you need it, such as studios and sound stages.

Private Space For the Ultimate Control

Shooting outside can be the right idea sometimes, and certain videos absolutely require it. But for scripted videos and interviews, inside shoots are almost always a better choice. Here are some of the advantages you get when you utilize a studio or sound stage.

  • Control The Lighting — When you have a studio to work in, lighting is so much easier to control. It’s not changing throughout the day as the sun moves in the sky and the clouds block it out. You don’t have to worry about harsh shadows, or the color temperature of the shots changing as day turns to dusk. In a studio, you have constant lighting that can be the same for weeks at a time.
  • Control the Sounds — One of the biggest concerns on a location shoot is the ambient sound. Car horns, planes flying over, and shouting onlookers can ruin take after take. When you work on a sound stage or studio, all of these problems go away.
  • Ample Power — Having enough batteries and/or access to power outlets is always a concern when you’re on location. While camera batteries might last the day, having enough power for lights can be a challenge. When working in a studio, the nearest power sources are just feet away.
  • Closed Set — When you shoot outdoors, you always have to worry about people in the background or jumping into the shot. You also have to worry about passersby grabbing expensive-looking equipment from grip dolly. When you’re in a studio, the only people who are on set are the people you allow in the room.
  • Lack of Wind — Wind actually causes three big problems when it comes to outdoor shoots. The most obvious is that wind can create harsh sounds in the mic, causing the scene to be re-shot again and again and again. The second problem with wind is that it can seriously mess up the actors’ or hosts’ hair, which can drive hair and makeup people crazy. Finally, wind can blow equipment over, most often light flags and softboxes. When you work in a studio, there’s no wind to contend with.

Do You Need A Studio?

If you need a studio in NYC, we can help. Not only can we provide the studio, but we have the equipment and production crew in order to make it happen. Contact us today to get exactly what you need from Crew 1 TV.