If you’re in need of Steadicam operators in NYC, Crew 1 TV has trained cameramen at the ready in order to get you the perfect shot for your next video production. Whether it’s a live event or a meticulously scripted film, Steadicam use can get you shots that would be impossible otherwise. 

Steadicams attach to a camera operator’s body via a harness, allowing the camera to move in ways that would be impossible with a tripod, jib, or dolly. They work by using a complex system of springs in order to isolate the movements of the wearer from the camera itself, keeping the camera from moving even as the operator walks, turns, or jogs in place

Why Use A Steadicam?

Just two years after it was first used in the 1976 movie Bound For Glory, the Steadicam received a special Academy Award for its incredible influence on cinema. Today, Steadicams have a myriad of uses in video production in NYC and across the globe. 

Keep The Image Stable

As the name suggests, the Steadicam’s primary purpose is to keep the image of a video from shaking, even though the camera is attached to a person. No matter how smoothly a person walks, they’ll always bob up and down their breaths can cause the camera to move. Steadicams keep the image from shaking, and post-production software can make it even smoother.

Move Through the Space

Another great use of Steadicams is that they can move throughout the space. Steadicams can move across a room, through a crowd, and under obstacles in ways that other types of camera supports never could. 

Using a Steadicam is an excellent option if you have the subject of the shot moving around a lot. While they might move out of the range of a tripod on a traditional support, a Steadicam operator can always follow them. 

Speed Things Up

Using a Steadicam is a great way to speed up the pace of an NYC video production. Moving cameras around on traditional mounts can waste a lot of time, especially if the legs have to be adjusted in order to fit the terrain. Instead of moving the tripod, the Steadicam operator simply moves into position in order to get the shot the director needs. 

Do You Need A Steadicam Operator in NYC?

Thanks to its intricate design and decades of improvements, today’s Steadicams are smoother than ever. Digital cameras are also lighter, allowing the operators to wear the gear for longer periods of time. At the same time, Steadicam operation is a skill that takes quite a bit of practice, so you want to make sure you have the best person on set to get the shots you need. Contact Crew 1 TV to make it happen!