When hiring a video production company in New York City, it can be difficult to know just how big of a production it’s going to be! Some clients know exactly what they’re looking for, while others have a vague idea of what they want the final video to be. That’s why they hire video services experts like us.

When you contact Crew 1 TV for New York video production, we’ll walk you through your options when it comes to multi-camera or single-camera videos. Which one is right for your particular video? What are the cost differences between each, and which one can be done faster?

Single-Camera Video Production Is Simple (But More Complex)

Having a single camera might seem simple, and it does allow interviewees and actors to know exactly where to play. But it can also increase the amount of time needed to redress and relight the set to get the best production values.

Single-Camera Video Production is Cheaper (But More Expensive)

It all depends on the scale of your video. Having a small crew and a single camera for an interview or “talking head” video can be quite inexpensive. But if that leads to extensive editing from the multiple takes (instead of simply using live-switching from multiple cameras), costs can go up quickly.

Single-Camera Video Production is Versatile (But Limiting)

Single-camera setups are used in everything from a one-person interview to multi-million dollar Hollywood movie productions. In this way, it’s incredibly versatile.

But single-camera can also be limiting in the amount of footage it can capture. You won’t see concerts shot with just a single camera, because it would be quite boring.

What’s Right For Your NYC Video Production?

You might not know exactly what you’re looking for in video services, but when you contact Crew 1 TV you’ll have our decades of experience to back you up. We look forward to working with you on your video production in NYC!