Quick! What video do you want shot? That’s probably a pretty easy question. You have a need for video production in NYC and have a pretty good idea of what you want it to look like.

Okay, now how do you get it done? That’s the tough part, isn’t it? You might have a clear vision for the final product, but no idea of the next steps to take. That’s where working closely with a video producer can really help you get the video you’re looking for.

What Do Video Producers Do?

The role of video producers in NYC is much more hands-on than the typical Hollywood video producer, who often get paid for doing very little. Video producers have many important duties from start to finish. Let’s take a look at how video producers can shape a video from start to finish.

Video Producers Help Shape the Vision

Producers work with the client in order to get a vision of what they are looking for. They will present the client with options for the shoot, sometimes giving them so much more than they ever imagined. “Did you considered drone footage?” “Have you thought of multi-cam instead of using a single camera?” “Can the talent work with a teleprompter?” All of these are options a producer might bring up if it will help the video.

Video producers also have to be very honest with a client. Yes, our video production company can give you the world, but is what you want possible on the presented budget? And speaking of budget…

Video Producers Work With The Budget

Do you want to stay on budget for your NYC video production? Of course you do. Producers will help you formulate a budget well before the video is shot. They’ll also work with the crew in order to keep the video on-time and on-budget.

Video Producers Find the Right Crew

If you need a script for your video, the producer will find the right person to write it. They’ll also work with the director in order to bring together the right crew for the shoot, and might even assign a video editor to the project.

Video Producers Make Sure It Gets Done

Whether your deadline is strict or loose, producers will make sure that post-production goes as smoothly as possible as well. From editing to client reviews to final delivery, video producers make sure it gets done.

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If the director is the pilot of the plane, a producer is like air traffic control: making sure the runway is clear, ensuring the director is flying properly, and keeping an eye on all of the other planes in the sky at the same time!

Being a video producer requires great attention to detail, people skills, and an ability to envision a video and help see it through from start to finish. Ready to work with producers with the experience your video needs? Contact Crew 1 TV today!