Flight packs allow you to have a full-service video production facility anywhere you need it. These all-in-one systems can roll into just about any location in order to provide high-end video services with minimal set-up time.

What Are Flight Packs?

Flight packs are rolling stand-up racks filled with electronic equipment. Each side of these containers can be removed, allowing access to patching panels in the back. On the front you’ll find video controls, monitors, and power regulation units, all of which pull out for easy access. Though compact, flight packs can give you nearly all of the options you’d get in a studio setting, such as:

  • Live-Switching – Switch back and forth between multiple cameras, including wired and wireless.
  • Editing – Sometimes you need edited footage before the day is done, and rough (yet surprisingly good) edits can be provided.
  • Transitions – Wipes, dissolves, fades-to-black, and many other types of special effects can be included even in live footage.
  • Special Effects – With the right setup, we can provide green screen effects as well as other special effects.
  • Overlays – If you need a slug to identify a speaker, a phone number, or a website address up on screen, we can put it in live.
  • Replays and Slow motion – Perfect for sporting events, we’ll be able to fill downtime with replays and slow motion video.
  • Sound Balance – We can patch into the existing sound system or bring our own so that the audio is being picked up properly and being matched to the video.
  • Audio Command – This allows the director to speak to all of the cameras regarding the shots needed for the shoot.
  • Upload and Broadcast – If you’re live webcasting, no problem. We can get the product up on the web in excellent time.
  • Video Cameras – While not technically part of a flight pack, the video we’re monitoring has to come from somewhere!

Where Are Flight Packs Used?

Flight packs are most often used in venues that either don’t have a video system in place, or the current video system on site is lackluster or not up to the needs of the particular shoot. These include:


Most stadiums, from the college level on up, have fairly good video equipment, but sometimes something important is happening at a high school that requires professional-level video switching. We can provide the flight packs to make it look amazing.


No matter what’s going on at a public park — whether it’s a concert, play, or political event — our flight packs can deliver professional footage from even the most remote location.


Auditoriums are often set up to deliver excellent sound, but video is usually an afterthought. Crew 1 TV can capture concerts, speakers, or stand-ups for live webcasting or future editing.

Street Shows

While you might have a permit to block off a street for a street show or fair, the police aren’t providing you with the video equipment to live stream it! We can turn any street in NYC into a production studio and capture your event.

We’re Your Video Production Agency in New York

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