What does a director do? When most people think of this question, they imagine the most famous Hollywood directors: Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard. The fact is, each of these directors has their own approach to being on set, but they all have something in common with video directors: The director is the on-set decision maker.

A good director primary has to be a good leader, no matter who they’re talking to. First, they know when to let everyone on the crew make their own decisions and simply do the job they were hired for. Second, they need to make sure that the job is getting done, when to fight for their vision while also keeping everything on schedule. Finally, they have to make the tough decisions if everything isn’t going well, and when problems arise they have to come up with options that are just as good in a short amount of time. As the leader of the video production crew, a director has to work with everyone to bring their vision to life.

Directors Work With Talent

The word “talent” can mean so much when making a video. Sometimes talent is a single person, like the interviewee in the camera lens. This might be a famous actor or singer, or it could be a politician or supreme court judge.

Other times the talent includes professional actors, and each of them could have a different acting method that works for them. Talent might also include a rock band that needs to be briefed on the best camera to mug to during the performance.

A good director can work with all of these options, and their primary goal is to put the people in front of the camera at ease. This often involves being able to pick up on the talent’s needs and discover how they want to be interacted with.

Directors Work With Crews

When they’re not working with the talent, directors are busy answering a million-and-one questions from the crew. This involves talking with the camera crews about where to place the tripods, making decisions with the make-up artists, talking to others about props and backdrops, and working with the lighting crew in order to set the proper mood. Some directors are sticklers about particular things, while others know that there’s more than one right decision to make.

The point is, directors are the final decision maker when it comes to what everything looks like and how it’s going to be shot. It’s not easy with so much on the line, especially if there’s only one chance to get the necessary footage.

Directors Work With Editors

Many video directors work hand-in-hand with the editor of the video in order to see their video match their vision. While they won’t spend every minute in the editing bay, they’ll work closely with the video editors to fix problems and make the video as dynamic and interesting as possible.

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